Hello guys, I'm sorry for being absent these days, but I couldn't post anything due to lack of time.
I hope you're all amazing and that your week went super well!

This week's post will be something personal and I want to share some updates with you.
Let's get started!

As probably some of you know, I'm Portuguese and I lived in Portugal most of my life.
This year I decided to change my life a bit and to start a new life in France.
I have a degree in Languages and Foreign Cultures and the work market there is not the best. As I have my mom in France for almost 10 years and I decided to leave my country to start somewhere else.

It's not easy to do this, believe me. I have all my friends in Portugal and also my family.

The thing is: I do speak French for a few years and the problem is not the language barrier, I guess my fear of not being able to accomplish what I have in mind destroys my confidence.
Also, I'm super insecure and that fucks things a little bit for me.
I know I will fight for what I want, for what I believe and things (I hope) will be okay.

I would also like to say to my friends, including Alex M., that I will always be by their side no matter what. The distance is not a problem for me. I will always have them on my mind!

To all of you that are thinking about leaving your country (for any reason), don't be scared and do it. 
If you know what your doing, just go ahead and be happy. Life is short and we need to do what is best for us.

  Take care, be happy and I hope you enjoy this post.
I will see you next week with another post! 



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