Let's talk about change, baby!

Hello everyone!
I decided to start a new "series"on the blog.
It's always nice to change and do things differently and lately I feel like I need it.

I would like to start introducing new people on the blog, new music, new artists, or something that inspires me in general.
Lately I feel very inspired by people with big dreams. I can surely say that my fiancé is one of those humans that light a certain sparkle in me and I really admire him.

He has a natural talent for art, music, photography and poetry and I thought about sharing some of his work on the blog. The same goes for other artists (friends of mine) that have great content and are motivated to share it with the world.

I feel a lack of empathy with the world in general. We constantly think about ourselves, we live in our lithe world and forget that others exist as well... and sometimes we can do something to help or even support others and grow as a person.

Like I said before in an older post, you can always reach…

Why I've been gone

Hello guys, long time no see! I feel like I've been gone for at least a decade and I apologize.
I've been thinking about coming back and do an update of the content and the design of the blog.
I don't have much time at the moment due to work and life in general, but I want to do this.
I still haven't figured what I want to write about, for the moment. I still love anime and movies, of course, but I don't want to feel trapped in a specific theme.
I have evolved as a person and I believe you did too. That's why I feel that I can change a bit my topics and adapt them to my current day-to-day life.
If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment or send me an email and I'll take them into consideration.
I love to talk to you and it really makes me happy every time I receive some feedback from you.
You can keep up with me through my social media. All the links are listed at the top of the page!
Thank you so much for reading this and I really wish you all a great…

The future of design

This blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader.

Hello everyone! How are you doing lately?
Is everything okay? 

This week's post is going to be a little bit different. I am going to talk about the future of graphic design. This is all based on some research and also my personal opinion, so if you don't agree with it, it's fine, we all have different visions of the world. 😋
Let's get started!
The main question here is: are you ready for the future?  I'm not a design expert but I do love to see the different variations of the world we live in.  These different variations that I'm talking about here definitely change our society and the rate and speed of that change makes your head turn.  I will try to predict the future of graphic design by analyzing its evolution through the years: from the craziness to the slimmest technologies offered to us today.
1. Phones and TV's
When I was a kid, during the 90's and early 00's, I was used to…

Anthem Film Festival

Hello my beautiful people!
I hope you're having an amazing week so far.

A few days ago I was informed by about the Anthem Film Festival making an appearance in Vegas this month. With that being said, what I will do, is write about my passion for movies and film, and also give some tips and suggestions to the ones attending the festival.

First of all, I want to thank Vegas From The Inside for contacting me. I was not expecting such a thing and I will definitely enjoy writing this post!

Let's get started then!

My love for movies and film in general started way back when I was little. I've always been a dreamer and had tons of imagination. And when I started understanding things around me and have a different perception of the world, and see that it was possible to create a "parallel universe" with a story that most times doesn't correspond to reality, my world was changing bit by bit.

My parents and family in general share the same love and passion as I do…

Movie Review - Raw

Hello everyone, I'm sorry for my absence these last days.
I've been busy with work and other things that don't let me have all the time I want to dedicate 100% to the blog. 

Well, in another hand, I asked Alex from Ins0mnya to do a collaboration post this week!

So let's get started!

This movie was all over the news a few months ago and I decided to give it a try and watch it.
The main theme here is cannibalism.
Well, this is not a theme that I usually see in movies, but this one was all about that.
For the ones that don't know much about this subbject, I will leave here a small explanation of what it is:

"Cannibalism in humans is the act or practice of humans eating the flesh or internal organs of other human beings. A person who practices cannibalism is called a cannibal. The expression cannibalism has been extended into zoology to mean one individual of a species consuming all or part of another individual of the same species as food, including sexual cannibalism.&…

What it's like to live abroad

Hello guys, I hope you're doing amazing this week.

This week's post is going to be personal and based on my experience living abroad. I hope you like it and that this can help you in some way.

I think it's fair to start by explaining why I decided to leave Portugal.
For the ones that don't know, this is not my first time living abroad. When I was 12, my mom left our country and started a new life in Switzerland. I was young and my French (at the time) was not the best. It was not easy at first because I had to deal with a lot of racism and stupidity from people and general, but besides that, it was an awesome experience and I would do it all over again.

Now I'm 22 and I decided to leave Portugal again to start a new life and try to be happy. 
I finished college last year and I thought to my self that my life needed a change. A big one.
I always wanted to leave Portugal, to be honest. I never felt really happy in there. The only thing that made me really happy where my fr…

A super talented digital artist: Sara Vida

Hello my lovely people!
You don't even imagine how excited I am to do this post.
I'll explain: one of my best friends is a super talented digital artist that loves what she does. I talked to her a few months ago about a possible post on the blog and she was as excited as I was o do this.
Whet I will do is present her work, who she is and what inspires her as an artist.
She made a text about her, but I want to talk a little bit about this awesome girl as well.
Here's a s,all explanation on how we met a few years ago:
We had mutual friends back then and at the time, we decided to go to a party all together. We talked for hours, had a drink and our friendship just blew.
I am super proud of her and I love her as a person and as a friend. She deserves everything the world has to offer her and I wish her great success and happiness.
She's also a friend of my dear friend Alex Moreira!
We're a great team. Three girls with big dreams. I love them both very much! ❤❤
Well guys, wit…