Gorillaz ARE BACK!

Hello guys! 
I hope you're having an amazing week! 
Well, a few days ago, Alex M. (one of my best friends) told me that Gorillaz are back.
Oh yes, I can not believe this. I was sooooo excited!
After five years of absence, one of my favorite bands are back and they bring such great music.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the images or songs on this post!

For the ones that don't know Gorillaz, here's some background about the band:

"Gorillaz are a British virtual band created in 1998 by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. The band consists of four animated members: 2D (lead vocals, keyboards), Murdoc Niccals (bass guitar and vocals), Noodle (guitar, keyboards, and vocals) and Russel Hobbs (drums and percussion). These members are fictional and are not personas of any "real life" musicians involved in the project.

 Their fictional universe is explored through the band's website and music videos, as well as a number of other media, such as short cartoons. In reality, Albarn is the only permanent musical contributor, and the music is often a collaboration between various musicians. Writers and critics have described their music as alternative rock, Britpop, trip hop, hip hop, electronica, indie, dub, reggae and pop."

Via: Wikipedia

I will put some old (but great) songs from the band. 
Some people don't know them, so I want to show you the band evolution!

Clint Eastwood (2001)

 Feel Good (2005)

 Spitting out demons (2006)

Now the 2017 version of Gorillaz!

Andromeda (2017) 

We Got The Power (2017)

They have more new music on their official YouTube channel, so I will leave here the link so that you can listen to them and if you want to, you can also do a trip to memory lane and listen to other old songs! 
Click here to listen to the rest!

This is it guys, I really hope you enjoy this post.
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