Anime Review- Seikon no Qwaser II / The Qwaser of Stigmata II

Hey guys!
How are you?
I've been super busy because of college and I have to say that I'm a bit tired lately due to my lack of free time.
I want to post as regularly as I can, but some weeks are chaotic and I simply don't have the free time I would love to have.
I need a day with 48 hours and not only 24 (ahaha)!
So, without any other excuse, I'll talk about the second season of Seikon no Qwaser!
If you haven't read the first part, please do: Seikon no Qwaser.


This second season was aired in April 2011 and ended in June of the same year.

The genres are still the same from season 1 and the producers as well.


Okay, so, in this season, the story is weird as hell.
I don't want to spoil anything juicy, (you can see this on the last episode of the first season), Sasha turns temporarily into a girl and he has to find out through a long investigation, who's the girl that possesses the power of ''Magdalena of Thunder''.


This season has some cool artwork. It's very realistic (you can imagine why *cough cough*) and has some cool and wild fight scenes.
I really like the characterization of Sasha in this season because he's really cute, even being dressed up as a girl.
The characters are more mature because the action happens a year after the end of the first season.
You'll notice some differences even in the scenarios where the action happens.

(New) Characters:

As I said before, some of them change a little bit.
Others appear for the first time and are (some of them) cool and funny.
I'll let some images bellow so that you can see how they look and some of the new characters.


The songs changed and I can say that I like this songs better than the other ones!
They have a lot of energy and that's a big point from me.

Opening Theme:

My opinion:

This season is even more graphic and explicit then the first one.
The plot is not as interesting as the first one, because the actual action starts only on the 6th episode (if I'm not mistaken) and I wanted to see more and more, but sadly the anime ends up with lots of loosing edges on episode 12.
It's a shame because this season had a lot of potential to be something great and some episodes where simply bad placed.
The sad news (at least for me, because I liked this anime) is that since 2011 no one knows if a third season will  come up or not.
I'll let you here the link for the petition a lot of Seikon fans are making part of, so, if you like this series and you want a third season, please sign it and share it with other fans of this!
Just one detail: this season has some weird ecchi scenes that can not be seen by minors, so, be careful because I do not advise children to watch this.
BUT!, it's a cool story, so watch it because it's funny and the plot is not hard to follow.

Trailer of the second season:

Thank you guys so much for your attention and support!
I'll see you on my next review!!



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