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Episodes: 26
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 13, 2004 - Jun 22, 2004 


A Japanese teenager waits at a train station, reading a trashy magazine featuring an idol enticing the reader with her big boobs. An elderly lady approaches the teenager, asking for directions. The teenager quickly mumbles a non-informative reply while thinking to himself what an annoyance the lady is, why should he give a shit about her? Oh look, a drunken tramp just fell onto the tracks and no one is going to help. Why should they? It’s none of their business, just look away and pretend you didn’t see it happen.


Back in 2014, I started watching Gantz and I only end up the anime this year (quite funny).
I really liked the series due to the story line. It's quite peculiar, I have to say. I never thought about death the way the creator of Gantz did.

Usually when people die (even in the majority of anime), you go to heaven or hell and never come back to earth, right?
Well, no. In Gantz you die and automatically start being part of a game where your return to the living depends on the way you fight.

The anime focus in some important characters, each and every one of them deal with their problems.
Kei is the type of character that has no heart. He's selfish and s total perv. His best friend is quite the opposite: he has a big heart and loves his brother.
You get involved in this drama since the first episode, and then feel the need to watch what happens next.

Story wise, it's very good and interesting. The concept of the anime is very good and as the episodes go along, the more interesting it gets. More characters are presented and more information we get about Gantz itself.

The art of Gantz is very good and detailed.  For a series made in 2004 I was quite impressed with the amount of detail in every frame of the episodes. The best way to show you that detail, is when the people that make part of Gantz are transported to the appartment and we can see their insides. 
Sounds gross, but it's like that. I will post some images so that you can see what I'm talking about.

Final thoughts:

Is it worth it?
Yes, it is. 
The only thing that I have to point, is that I advise you to read the manga just to have a more complete ending. And also, some things are left without explanation so, once again you should read the manga to have a lot more details about certain characters.

Gantz Trailer:

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