A Toast To A New Year!

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Hello guys! How are you doing lately?

I'm sorry for being absent so long but I decided to come here today and write something to all of you.
Tomorrow is the end of another year.
2016 was not easy. A lot of people died, a lot of bombings happened and I had some pretty tough moments as well.
I lost someone very special to me, I had to make some serious decisions and I still have to do that in 2017. And I don't mind, because what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger, right?

I've learned since I was a little kid that life was not easy, not fair and sometimes things suck AF.
But I was lucky enough to have people around me that love me for who I am, and accept all my flaws.
I have an amazing family (not all, but my mom, sister and brother mean the world to me), my friends are super important to me as well and I love them all very much. 
My boyfriend is also one of the most important people to me  and I love him a lot. He's awesome, loving and cares about me. I'm very grateful for having him in my life, tough sometimes my explosive personality fucks things up (when I'm stressed my brain just freezes and I can't think straight, o for that, I'm sorry).
I still have to fight some demons, and I'll make it!

I also want to say to all of you that we have to fight when times get tough. 
But someone told me that when things are not fine, it's still not the end.
The message that I want to leave you is that 2017 will be a more positive year. At least I want to believe in that. 
I want you all to be happy and keep fighting, keep smiling and keep dreaming.

Thank you all as well for all of your support over this year. Thank you for all the comments, messages and tips. That means the world to me.
I hope I have the privileged to have you all (family, friends, my boyfriend and all of you) in my life the next year.

Have an AMAZING 2017!!!!!!
I love you all!! 


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