Top Best Games To Play During Halloween! - Spooky Season

Hello lovelies!
How are you all doing this week? 
Well, last week I decided to make a small list of games to play during the Halloween season. My list was based on some creepy type of stories, so that you could easily enter in the spooky weeks that I love.
I have never done a list of games on my blog before, but I love to play games, to be honest. So, if you like this list and want me to make more of this, please tell me in the comments bellow!

Let's get started!

1- The Binding Of Isaac

This game has some pretty cool visuals and if you think about it, it's pretty awesome to play.
The game is surrounded by people that want to see you dead. Your own mother has received an edict from God to kill you, so you just run away for your basement and use your tears as weapons to try to avoid your fate. 


2- Left 4 Dead 2

This game is amazing and perfect for Halloween.
The only thing I can say about this game is that it's scary as hell. When you think the coast is clear, well, it's not. 
Fear not my friend, you can kill and the zombies, if you're fast enough.

3- Corpse Party

This game is special to me. As an anime lover/reviewer, I have to say that I love this game.
If you have time, please watch the anime series, you'll love it.
So, basically this game is scary and fun to play.
What you have to do in this game is pretty much keep everyone alive and well, but sometimes it's not easy to do so because your sanity starts to run low.
The name of the game (Corpse Party) is exactly what this game is about: danger, fear, death.

If you fell interested, I'll leave you the link of my review so that you can see a bit what this is about: Anime Review - Corpse Party.

4 - Five Nights at Freddy's (2/3/4/Sister Location)

This is a very known game and it fits pretty well on this list!
Imagine yourself working at Disney: everything is magical, beautiful and full of magic... At least, that's what you think.
But think about it this way: Imagine a place full of darkness and very scary.

5- Slenderman 

This game is amazing.  I love to play it!
The goal of the game is: walk through the forest, collect all the notes that you can find and RUN. 
Run away from Slenderman and don't let him find you.

 6- Amnesia: The Dark Descent 

This game is amazing and very well known. For the ones that know this because of the Youtuber Pewdiepie, well, it's pretty cool to watch is old videos about this game.
The story is basically you trying to maintain your sanity while the place you're in is full of horrible creatures that manage to chase you. 
The only escape you have are the shadows that may help you get away from the scary monsters.
It's a short game, but it's almost impossible to forget.

Well guys, thank you for reading this list and I hope you like it!
If you have any suggestions or want to comment this post, please feel free to do it!
Thank you so much once again!



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