Book Fangirling Blogger Award!

Hello everyone! 
How are you all? How's school/work?
Last week, my friend Alex nominated me to do the Book Fangirling Blogger Award.
And so, I'll answer the questions she asked me and I will nominate as well someone to do this.

Let's start this!

The rules are:

  • Create a post to accept your award
  • Add the blog award button into your post
  • Link to me in the post so they know who has given you the award
  • Answer the questions I have set below
  • Nominate 5 book bloggers who you think deserve this award
  • Come up with your own 5 questions for your nominees
  • Link them to this post so that they know the rules


What was the last book you read?

Belonging by Sameem Ali 

What is your favorite genre?

Horror, Sci-Fi, Drama

If you could transform your favorite book in a movie what would it be? And if it already has a movie what is it?

I have so many books that I love, to be honest! I don't really know which one I would choose.
One of my favorite ones is ''Le Petit Prince'' by Saint Exupéry, but the book has a movie already.
Sometimes I think I would like to keep the books only in that format, to keep a certain magic and to let my imagination flow.

What book did you read and you disliked or it was way far from what you have expected at the beginning?

To be honest, I'm a huge fan of books, and so, I'm very picky in relation to what I read.
Sometimes I start a book and I imagine a different story. 
When I started the book ''Adventures of Huckleberry Finn'' by Mark Twain, I was a bit sad because I didn't really like it... I was hoping to be something different in therms of writing style.
Because the message of the book is amazing.

Do you have any book that has influenced you or portrays yourself in any way?

Yes, I have. 
One of the books that marked my childhood, was the ''Diary of a young girl'' by Anne Frank.
As being someone very related to history, that book made me realize that the world was a very complex and unfair place.
And because of that, my humanitarian side started to grow even more.

The blogger I'll nominate will be Archie from A Bundle of Contradictions .
I don't know a lot of people that like to read (and that have a blog), so I can't put here 5 people, but I nominate someone that I think has a lot of critical thinking. 
She's an amazing blogger that I follow (for almost a year) and I always love to read what she has to say about life, and everything in general.
So, here are my five questions to her:

  • What's your favorite book?
  • What type of books do you usually read?
  • What is the one and only book that you can't live without?
  • Would you like to write one?
  • Tell me what was the book that made you dream and still does to these days?

Well, thank you so much Alex for this lovely nomination!! 
Please check both of these amazing blogs!

As always, thank you so much for reading my post.
See you next week!



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