Movie Review: Star Wars - The Force Awakens Episode VII

Hello everyone!

How are you all?
Well, last week I went to the cinema with my dear friend Alex and other friends that I love as well and we had the privilege to watch STAR WARS!!!!
I was so excited to watch it... I mean, I'm a huge fan of all the movies made since the 70´s and I have never, EVER thought of watch a movie at the theater. 
My eyes where full with water at the beginning of the opening because my childhood came to my mind.
I remembered all the days I spent in front of the TV dreaming about everything I was watching and hopping to have the chance to have just another movie from the saga.
And yes, all the Stars Wars fans had that moment and we will have at least more 4 movies!!

So, let's start this journey!
(Disney is currently taking control of the franchise.)

The movie was not bad, I have to say.
I like the fact that they've put a strong feminine character leading some scenes and that Han Solo and Princess Leia where interpreted by the original cast.
So, the plot was simple and we had some new characters: the girl (Rey), the lost pilot, and the new Stormtrooper that had his first fight at the beginning of the movie.
Oh!, and Chewbacca!!! My boy is back! (I love him so much)
So, yeah, the scenarios where well made, I liked the fight scenes and the fact that a new ''Darth Vader'' is back on track.
I'm not going to spoil anything, that's why I'm not explaining things because some people didn't have the opportunity to watch the movie and I don't like to be rude or anything.
Well guys, I'm more than thrilled to say that we finally have a sequel to the movie from 1983!
The force will continue to fight!
Please watch this movie if you like Star Wars but keep in mind that the cast is new, the technology is different, but the essence is there.


(Me, Alex, my boyfriend (Diogo) and my other friends (Patricia and Filipe) before watching the movie!)

Movie trailer:

Thank you so much for your support and attention!
I love you all guys.
See you on my next post!



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