My 5D cinema experience!

Hello guys! 
How are you all? 
I usually talk about anime and things related to that topic, but one of my best friends who's also a blogger (Alex Moreira's Blog) wrote a post about a thing we did together and she said it would be cool to know my opinion on this topic.
I personally think it's a great idea and I decided to tell you what this is and what happened that day!

Let's start this, shall we?

What is a 4/5D cinema?

''4D film or 4-D film is a marketing term for an entertainment presentation system combining a 3D film with physical effects that occur in the theater in synchronization with the film. Effects simulated in a 4D film may include rain, wind, strobe lights, and vibration. Seats in 4D venues may vibrate or move a few inches during the presentations. Other common chair effects include air jets, water sprays, and leg and back ticklers. Hall effects may include smoke, rain, lightning, air bubbles, and smell.''

- Thank you Wikipedia for this lovely explanation!

So, that day I went to Oporto with Alex and we saw this small place saying ''5D cinema experience''. 
We're both adventurous and we thought instantly: We have to see what this is!, and we did it.
The place was a dark and small room with four chairs placed side-by-side, with a huge screen in front of them.
To start with our adventure, we decided to go super smoothly and we chose a super crazy roller-coaster type of movie.
I love that type of things and I've tried one in real life in one of my trips to Germany (the roller coaster was amazingly scary, I have to say) and Alex never did this in her life, so it was a lovely idea to try this out and see if it really makes us feel on the edge.
It did! It was crazy, funny and my lungs never had so much air coming in and out in a super fast way as that day.
I was ''dying'' with my screams, Alex was screaming as well, we held hands because it really felt like a real thing!!!, and suddenly her seat-belt opened and we had to stop almost at the end because she could jump out of the chair due to the movements of it and It would be dangerous.
But after that, a week later, we tried another situation and that one was awesome as well!
It was a horror one and yes, I screamed and laughed.
I love this and I recommend you to try it if you have the chance to!
It's funny and your heart will beat suuuuuper fast!!!
Well guys, I'll let you some images of the 4/5D room and a video so that you can see what you can experience with this.

This is the exact place where I've been with Alex:

In this video, you'll see a roller-coaster. That was the simulator we chose the first day!

Have you ever tried one of this things? If you do, or would like to, tell me on the comments bellow!
Thank you so much for your time and support!
I'll see you on my next post!
Love you guys <3




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