Anime Review - 11eyes: Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shōjo

"Is there an answer at the end of this nightmare?"

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Let's start this, shall we?


This anime has 12 episodes with 25 minutes each and It was released in 2009.

The producers are: Marvelous Entertainment,Doga KoboPony Canyon and Sentai Filmworks
The genres of this are: ActionEcchiSuper Power and Supernatural


Kakeru Satsuki lost his sister 7 years ago and after that incident he started living a vacant life and only his childhood friend Yuka Minase and other fiends, helped him return to his normal state.

One day, the sky turns red and the moon turns black and suddently everyone around Kakeru and Yuka disapear being replaced by monsters in the street.
But everytime they think they have escaped the Red Night, it happens again.


I love the style of this series. It has lots of detail and the way characters are made it is amazing.
The Red Night is also really well made and the monsters are super cool: I like the sound effect they gave to them because It makes it a bit more creepy.
The difference between a normal day and the Red Night visually it's cool, because the place is the same in that town but the dark scenarios and atmosphere is awesome.
For me, this is a very positive point when it comes to artwork.


For me, the characters are detailed and well made.
There are some things I like not only visually, but in therms of personality (I'm not going to spoil any of them).
So, those details made each one of the characters pop and shine at their own way.
The main character, Kakeru, it's a strong guy, with a great heart and he's super sweet, to be honnest.
There is another character that I really like that will help Kakeru to overcome and find some things about him that he didn't know existed.
The other characters are important as well and will be very important for the development of the anime.


This series has some GREAT intro and ending songs. 
they have a lot of power and yes, they totally match the anime.
I am going to let the links here for you to listen to them!

Full OP song:

Full ending song:

Video games made:

  • 11 Eyes: Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo
  • 11 Eyes: Crossover
  • 11 Eyes: Resona Forma

My opinion:

This anime had a lot of potential to be a great story.
The problem was that It wasn't well adapted in an overall way.
The artwork is super coll, the music is amazing, the main characters are coll, but something missed at the end.
I'm not saying it's not worth to watch because it is, it really is!
You can have fun watching it and you'll like it because ther's a lot of mistery involved in this story. 
I liked it, I really did, but I just have the idea that something cold be changed in some parts to make this anime even more amazing!
So, give it a try, have fun like I did and I really hope you enjoy this.


I really hope you enjoy this post and I'll post another one as soon as I can!!
Thank you guys soooooo much for your support!!!
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