Anime Review - Death Note (Desu Nôto)

"Well, it was good while it lasted. We killed some boredom, didn't we? We did some various and interesting things."

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Most of us are already at school and so, but don't be sad because today I bring you another review about an anime that took me a long time to finish due to my lack of time. BUT!, I finished it two weeks ago (I think) and I want to share with you my opinion about it.

Let's start this, shall we?

Notes: This anime is from 2006, has 37 episodes with 24 minutes each. 
The genre of this series is animation, action and drama.


After a brilliant and cynical high school student finds a mysterious notebook outside school, he begins to cleanse the world from evil criminals with it. That notebook can kill anyone whose name is written on and it can only kill if you know the face of the target.
After mysterious killings start to happen, a fight beggins between Yagami Light known as "Kira" (Killer) and the brilliant yet mysterious detective known only as "L".
From which side are you?


When it comes to artwork, I have to say that they nailed it! 
It has a cool style, some great details and it is a dark themed anime.
Some episodes have a bit of color, but the rest is dark and cold, whixh matches perfectly the series in my opinion.
When it comes to the characters detail and stuff, I like it a lot because this is a particular anime.
It has a different atmosphere and some of the camara angles create some awesome and great scenes of tension. 
In some of them my heart started to beat like a maniac because the colors, the angles, the look that the caracters had just worked perfectly.
I have to say that the producers made some perfect combo in this series.
It is a great artwork like I've never seen before.


L and Light are some pretty awesome characters!
Since the beginning that I thought that Light was super mysterious and yes, he's hot.
I think that's because of the way he looks. He is not sentimental, at all! 
He's a cold, smart and ambicious type of guy that stands out for beeing totally different from all the main characters I've seen because for some, he's not the typical hero that you find in almost every story.
L is amazing as well, I have to say. He is one of the most smart, charismatic and weird guys I've seen in anime.
He's a genius savant and after his apperance in the series, my heart has been divided in two because I love both L and Light eventhough they total opposites.


The songs of the series are ewesome.
I like the fact that the music used in the series are cool and they help the tense moments to pop more.
It is a positive point from me.

First OP song:

Second OP song:

First Ending Song:

Second Ending Song:

Link for the "Death Note" movie trailers:

My opinion:

If you like a total mindfuck, inteligent, with some deep scenes series,well, you found it!
Well, I think Death Note is one of those series that can not be ignored because it has such a great storyline and the plots just kill your brain.
I loved this series because it can get you hooked to it since you start understanding the characters and what they want to do.
You should totally see this anime because it is a smart one.
You never know what is going to happen and the decisions and some of the scenes are super complex.
It's not a gore anime, or something like that, but I recommend it for sure.
Give it a try and tell me what you think about it!!

Trailer of the anime:

Thank you so, so much for your attention!!
I'll see you on my next post!
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