Anime Review - Akuma no Riddle (Riddle Story of Devil)

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Hello everyone!

How are you all?
This week I'm going to talk about an anime that I've seen a few weeks ago and I loved it completely!
So, it is a series from 2014 and has 12 + 1 special episode with 23 minutes each.

Let's start this review!


The story is set at Myoujo Academy, a private girl's boarding school.

The 10th year Kurogumi class has 12 assassins with their sights on one target. A girl named Haru Ichinose. 
But one of those students, who is also targeting Ichinose, develops feelings for her.
What will happen next?


Well, I really like the style of this series.
It has a lot of detail and the characters are very well made.
One of the main characters, Tokaku, has a very intense look. She has a sharped face and some fierce eyes. And also the way her hair points down gives a lot more depth to the character.
In my opinion, this show gains a lot of points in the artwork. 
There is also a big difference between the characters that have a sexy look and the others that look fragile at first but have as well strong features.
When it comes to the fight scenes, well, one of the things that I like is the way they are made.
You probably expect some badass scenes from the beginning to the end, but that's not always like that.
Some scenes are made with bold and smart moves and not with exagerated fight technics. 


Character development and some details about the show:

This is a thing that makes me sad to say because I really enjoy this anime.
The character development is poor and it could be better.
You get to know a bit everybody that makes part of the story, but you don't know much details about certain things in the end.
I'm not going to spoil anything in here, but I just want to explain what happens at some point in the anime:
All the girls get a paper that they can only use ONCE. That paper is given to the target, Ichinose and they have 48 hours to kill her and If they do it correctly, they have anything they want.
They have the right to ask for a wish, that's what happens if they win.


Oh boy, this anime has some great songs!

The OP song is called “Soushou Innocence” by Maaya Uchida.
Everytime the anime started I used to listen to that song until the end because It's just amazing.
Even the opening video is super well made and suites the story.
That's a huge point for this series because the action scenes have great themes and I really like that.

Soushou Innocence/Intro song:

Another song that was a huge success is called "Poison Me" and it is released in episode 6.
I like it as well and as I said, this anime has great songs.
Give it a try and listen to them.

Poison Me/Ending song from episode 6:

My opinion:

There are a few things that I felt sad for when I watched Akuma no Riddle, but I have to say that I really liked, believe me.
Even if the characters have just a bit of development, I was stuck to the very end and I wanted to watch every episode.
I made some research about other people's opinion bout this and some say that this anime is not worth it, or that you'll get dissapointed at the end.
I don't thing that way. As I said, there were things that I didn't appreciate as much, but the story and the concept are awesome and yes, give it a try.
Why not? It has action, lots of suspence, beautiful characters and great scenarios.
Well, to finish this review, I have to say that this series will be one of those that I'm going to watch again one of these days. Just like Kill la Kill, because they have my heart in it.

Anime trailer:

Well guys, I hope you like my review and if you do, keep following my blog!
Thank you so much for your attention and I'll see you on my next post!

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