The perks of living and knowing a foreign language student

Hello everyone!

So, as a language student, I decided to share with you what it's like to live and know someone like me.
Some people think we're a bit weird due to the fact of always loving to learn something related to language, but it's fun as well!

Let's start, shall we?

1. We learn linguistics

What is it? Well, it's a discipline we're you basically study grammar at a hardcore level and the pronunciation of sounds. And what does that do to us?
You see the world of language differently and at least I try to explain to my family how sounds are formed.
It's funny because I make some weird faces!

2. Answers

I always answer to people in different forms. Sometimes it's in English, other times in German, French, Spanish, Japanese... You choose!
Oh, and we try to teach others the languages we know. It's always cool to now new things!

3. Conversations

I spend most of my time writing in English. Even with my friends!
It's just an habit we have and it's just like our second language.
Even though we're Portuguese, we usually communicate most of times like I said before.
(We have some secret words and codes between us, hehehe)

4. Friends

We have the tendency to have friends from around the globe. I personally like to talk to people from other countries because I'm fascinated with other place's cultures and way of living.

5. Open minded

This is a YES for us!
We're very open minded when it comes to other people because (at least that's how I am) we don't see the world as divided as it might seem. We're all from different countries, but we're all humans no matter what.

6. Travels and food

We love to try different foods! Sometimes it's scary, because we don't really know if it can be tasty, but usually we try everything.
And travel is one of our biggest dreams.
If I could, I would spend all my life traveling all around the globe to be in touch with different realities and people. It's just an amazing thing to do!!


7. How we see the world

The world is our house. It's an amazing place full of things to explore. Why should we stay only in one place?
We have so much to see and learn.
I advice you to see the world not as a ''globe'', but as a place we share and live in. 
Travel, discover new hings and be happy.

  Thank you for your attention! See you on my next post!



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