Anime Review - Puella Magi Madoka Magica

 ''So how about we become monsters together… and turn this world upside down?''

Hello everyone!

So, I'm finally free from my college exams and today I decided to talk about one of the anime series I was skeptical about before I watch it.
My opinion changed drastically because I became a huge fan of this series. In fact, besides watching the anime, I've watched all the three movies that were made.
I really got stuck to this, I know.
So, this series has 12 episodes it was aired in 2011 and the episodes have 24 minutes.

Note: I will mention the name of the movies at the end so that you can watch them If you want.

So, let's start this!


Kaname Madoka (the main character), is a normal 8th grader. She is very shy, but happy and her family and friends love her exactly the way she is. However on a trip to the mall, her life has a big turn when she rescues Kyuubei, a cat that was being chased by a mysterious black-haired girl at that moment. As a reward for her act, Kyuubei offers Madoka and another friend of her's called Sayaka, a unique deal: he'd make any of their wishes come true, and in exchange for the wish, they would become Magical Girls. 



This is an interest think to talk about. The animation is covered in color, cool and weird scenarios and awesome costumes. Some scenarios are very futuristic, which is great and the fight scenes are insane and I simply love to watch those parts.
The characters have a very simple and clean style.
Some other thing that I have to point out is the fact that the camera angles in some dramatic scenes are weird and different from usual. For me, that is a positive point because when an anime has different styles and some typical details, it makes a difference.



The OP song is full of energy and it's called ''Connect'' by ClariS.
I like this song, it's fun to listen!
OP song link:

Madoka has for different songs for the ending part, but the one I think it fits perfectly is “Magia”, by Kalafina because it shoes the dark side of the anime.
It's a coll song with a lot of power!
Final song link: 

My opinion:

Well, I think this is a fantastic anime. As I said, I wasn't very interested to watch it at first but then... Magic happened and I couldn't stop watching.
It has some interesting characters, music, scenarios, plots, heartbreaking moments that will make you want to cry and some other moments that will melt your heart.
I think you should give it a try and watch it because the plot is amazing and it's simply brilliant.

Movies list + Links to trailers:

Trailer (of the anime):

Thank you so much for your attention and I hope to see you on my next post!



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