Anime Review - Blood C

"I make my own decisions, and see them to the very end. I had to find my resolve, so I could remain true to myself."

Hello everyone!
Today I bring you another anime that I've seen a few years ago.
So, this series has 12 episodes with 23 minutes each and its recommended to mature audience only because it has nudity and violence.

So, let's start this!

Saya is a happy girl during the day that loves to sing and spend some time with her father. She is also a student that has a normal life.
During night, she is the rural town protector that owns a holly sword to slay the Ancient Ones that hunt, stalk and try to catch human prays.


This series has some great detail and the way the characters are represented are also very well made.
The death scenes are brutal and very grafic, but in a general way, it is a good graphic anime. 
I love the colors, the ambiance and the music involved in it.

The OP song has energy and is related to the action of the anime. It's fun to hear.

OP Song:

The ending song is another one that I don't like as much.
 It has energy, but I don't really like it.
The songs along the anime are cool, but personally I prefer other ones for OP's and endings.

Final song: 

My opinion:

This is not a horror anime, but it is a great one. It has some brutal scenes and has a lot of action. 
It has a bit of school comedy in the middle, even though it's not my type, I liked it. 
One of the problems was that the death scenes are censored and in some sites you can not watch them. I think that if you download the episodes you get a full access to the uncensored scenes. 
In the episodes, I got a little bit annoyed by the scenes where Saya is eating or doing something normal and the action doesn't happen. But, give it a try anyway, because you might like it, right?


Thank you so much and I'll see you on my next post!
I really hope you like this review!



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