Anime Review - Black ★ Rock Shooter

''No world is more painful to live in than this one.''

Hello everyone!

I've been super busy with my college exams, but I want to write a post this week, so... Here it goes!
Today I'll make a review on an anime I watched a few years ago (I think I saw it with my sister) and I really think it is an interesting story.


This series has 8 episodes + OVA and it's from 2012. It was originally a 50-minute animated movie that turned into an anime.
The original illustration inspired a song (with the same name) by Supercell, which gained a lot of popularity on a website called Nico Nico Douga.
And it was made a game called ''Black Rock Shooter: The Game'' in 2012 for Playstation Portable.

Let's start this, shall we?


This story is heavily related to the concept of the Black ★ Rock Shooter OVA and  involves two girls whose friendship is tested when they are dragged into an alternate world.

What will happen next?

Main character:

  • Mato Kuroi - is one of the main protagonists. She is a sweet girl, a great friend and seems to be happy. 
  • Her ''other-self'' is the B★RS and it can turn into the Insane B★RS. She is a powerful girl that has amazing powers and a blue eye
  • She is very calm and silent while fighting, but tends to have a rather savage side to her. Apparently she has no feelings and works from her nature and is also very direct and says things the way they are.


The artwork is insane. I think it is very well made and the fight scenes are very well made. 
Even the scenarios where the action happens are different from what we expect sometimes in an anime.
I think the detail and way the characters are shown made me want to continue the series. It's a big positive point from me.



The OP song is amazing. I really like the energy and sweetness it has and at the same time.
Check it out:
The ending song is so beautiful and calm... And I love the video of the song. It's perfect with the lyrics.
Check it out:

My opinion:

I think this anime is amazing. I loved to watch it and I totally recommend it!
I think the story behind it is about the demons we need to fight in life and the pain and suffering that comes from it.
The message I got from it was that. The fight scenes are basically our internal self when we have a battle in our life.
We need to canalize all the emotions and fight.
So, in an overall opinion, I love the fight scenes, the plots, the characters and the fact that the action gets deeper and deeper.
I think you should give it a try!


*I didn't find any subtitles, I'm sorry for that*

Thank you so much for your attention and I'll see you on my next post!



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