Why should we watch anime?

Hello everyone!
I decided to talk to you about some of the reasons that make me want to continue my journey as an OTAKU.

So, here they are!!

It's accessible to every age

  • When I started to watch it, I was probably 4 years old or something like that. I simply loved the way the animations were made and the stories were different from everything I was used to watch in Portugal.

It's intense

  • I love to watch a lot of American and Portuguese shows, but Japan has a different way of making us want even more than the usual shows we have on tv. It's an emotional journey.


You became attached to the characters

  • They're not real characters, but you can feel attached to them by the way the amazing voice actors work. They put a lot of emotion on it and you actually start living for 26 minutes (for each episode, but it can be longer) the character you love the most and you start to have an emotional storm inside you.


Meet other anime lovers online or in person

  • There are a lot of anime groups and communities online where you can talk and ask for opinions about certain animes you are watching. You'll meet a lot of cool people from around the globe.


Variety of genres

  • There are a lot of genres when it comes to this type of series.

You can watch:

  • Slice-of-life 
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy 
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Parody
  • Shonen 
  • Supernatural,
  • Mystery
  • Sports 
  • Shoujo
  • Gore 
  • ... 
Escape from your life 

  • Sometimes you just want to run away and hide in the next Galaxy, but it's not possible. So, if you start to focus on another universe, you'll be fine. But don't spend all of your time watching anime or reading manga. Have fun as well, okay?


  • Have you ever thought of meeting in person or even better: be the character you love? Well, you can do it if you cosplay! It's supper fun and you'll meet a lot of other characters in live events.


That's it for today, guys!
I hope you enjoyed my post.
Thank you so much for your attention!



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