Bucket List - Things to do before you die

Hello everyone!
So, today, I'm going to talk to you about things you can do before you die.
It's inevitable, we will eventually go to another place, but first: LIVE.
So, here are some things I suggest you to do while you're here!

 1- Travel around the world for a year

Visit all the places you dream about and meet new people.
But remember one thing: save some money to do this, don't depend on others.

2- Learn a new language

I'm a language student, I love what I do and I advice you to learn something like this. It's fun to do and you'll explore a new culture. Challenge yourself!

3- Go scuba diving

Interact with animals and have some fun. The ocean is a beautiful place to visit.

4- Give people a reason to remember your name

Do something to leave a mark (a positive thing). You'll be remembered!

5- Take a picture of your best moments

I do this a lot and I love to remember things that were positive. Take pictures of your friends, family, people you love, ... Just have fun!

6- Free hugs

Go to a crowded street and offer hugs. We never know when someone needs one, right?
Make a change in this world even if it's only for a day.

7- Go on a road trip

I would totally do this!
Imagine spending a couple of weeks with your best friends... Pretty awesome, right??

8- Fall in love

One of the best things in the world is to be in love, but really in love. Free yourself, love someone, be happy.
But remember: Love yourself first.

9- Keep a diary for a whole year

Well, do it. Write about everything. The good and bad things that happened and read it years later.

10- Have a time capsule with your best friends

Put together all of your favorite things, keep them away and open it years later.

11- Swim naked

Why not??

12- Run a marathon

At least try xD

13- Move to another country

One of my personal goals. I did this already and I loved it.
I want to do it again!

14- Sleep under the stars

How romantic and kawaii is that? :3

15- Go to your favorite band's concerts

Best things to do during summer, believe me.

Well, I could say a lot more and give you ideas, but it would be a HUGE list!!

Tell me, what is your dream bucket list?

Thank you for your attention!



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