Anime Review - Mirai Nikki

                             ''Everything in this world is just a game and we are merely the pawns.''
Hello everyone!

I decided to talk about this anime because when I saw it (three years ago, I think) I was super excited about it.

If you like twists, surprises and some crazy bipolar girlfriend (she's called Yuno Gasai)... You'll see the right anime.
So, go ahead, watch it!!
Let's start, shall we?

Plot explanation:

Yukiteru "Yuki" Amano is a guy who spends most of his time writing a diary on his cell phone or talking with his imaginary friends: Deus Ex Machina, (God of Time and Space) and Murmur (Deus's helper).

So, basically, Deus gives Yuki a special diary and says something about a game. 
The new diary has entries that say what is going to happen in the next 90 days.
Deus (that actually exists), forces Yuki to participate in a crazy survival battle with eleven other people, each of whom also have a diary that predicts the future, but in different ways. 
Rules of the Game:
- The contestants must try to find and eventually kill all the other players before the world ends on Day 90.
- Only the last one standing can prevent the disintegration/Apocalypse and then, become the new  God of Time and Space (eventually for a long time). 




My opinion:
It is a super well made anime and complex. The main character is a loner, he doesn't have the greatest life of all, but he steps into a new world and has to make a huge decision: kill or be killed.
I'm not going to spoil much because there are people that haven't seen the anime, but I'm going to talk about the artwork and music.
PS: The ending of the anime is going to leave you confused, but at the same time, I wouldn't ask for a season two, even if I couldn't control my tears on the last episode. I cried my ass off xD



It's a very well made series. The style is very detailed and clear. The attention to the color in general, the character's body, the ambiance is absolutely amazing.
It's a big POSITIVE point from me.



The OP song gives so much energy to the episode and you just want to start watching it! The video made in the OP is also amazing, I love it.

OP song and trailer of Mirai Nikki:

Thank you for your attention and I hope you enjoyed this review.




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