Anime Review - Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)


''Perhaps it is time to die.''

Hello everyone!
So, I watched this anime a year ago (I'm not sure) and I thought about it as an interesting story, but had a disappointing ending and I was really sad.
It's a cool anime, but it could be a LOT better... But still, I wanted to talk about it.

So, let's start!

This anime is from 2005 and has 26 episodes.
It was followed by a second season called ''Hell Girl – The Two Prisoners'' and I advice you to watch it if you liked the first season.
This second season has also 26 episodes and It was released in 2006.


There's a website called ''Hotline to Hell'', that only appears at midnight and If you enter someone's name on it, the Hell Girl will carry that person to hell.
However, the one's that ask her to kill that certain person, will also to hell, but only when they die.
A freelance journalist called Shibata Hajime begins to investigate these claims out of curiosity and finds some interesting facts and learns that his daughter, Tsugume, is related to Hell girl - Enma Ai. 

My opinion: 

This anime could actually follow a much deeper line and it could actually develop a lot more the main characters.
The plot is simple and it's not much to assimilate and the action can be a bit slow...
It initially surprised me, it was a very cool story and I like creepy stuff, so, yes, that was a positive point.
Another thing that caught my attention, was the fact that we can actually see the human nature in here.
Most of us have that ''vengeance'' desire and want to be able to carry that on and what we see on this story is Enma Ai's motivations to do what she does and her background.
You should give it a try and watch this anime.


It is fabulous, it has some great detail and some great scenarios, it really has some great detail and color combination as well. 
That's a highlight of the anime, in my opinion.






It has a beautiful soundtrack.
Check it out:



So, as I said before, if you like horror things like I do, you should see this anime!

Thank you for your attention!



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