Anime Review - Attack on Titan

On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the titans, and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls.

Hello everyone!
I'll make a review on ''Attack on Titan - Shingeki no kyojin''.

Simple plot explanation:
The story begins as we enter the walls of humanity and meet our main protagonists of the series:
Eren, Mikasa and Armin. 
However, a mysterious threat known as the ''Titans'' causes a daily threat and our heroes learn to feel pain and lost, as the Colossal Titan breaks through the gate.

Titan's Category:
Titan Shifters size comparison

1st one: Colossal Titan (60 meters)
2nd one: Beast Titan (17 meters)
3rd one: Armored Titan + Eren's Titan Transformation
4th one: Female Titan 
And then the real Mikasa human size: 1.70 meters

(Funny fact: The biggest Titan has the smallest head. Sorry, sorry xD)

Positive points:
The world created to this anime is awesome and completely different from what we're used to see.
The fact that the characters (the majority of them) don't have ''superpowers'' and that they depend on team work and trust, It's a BIG and positive point.


Great female lead - Yes, Mikasa is a great leader. She is fearless, smart and helps her team. She is a big character through the anime.
And you can always do the ''Mikasa es su casa'' joke. At least me and my sister have this habit. 

Breath taking moments - You will have a heart-attack at some point while watching this anime.
The plots, killings, crying moments and some funny moments will create a super cool ambiance. 
Prepare yourself!


Negative points:
Well, there are a lot of dialogue parts that are a bit boring and sometimes the action that should exist, actually ends up being forgotten. 
The thoughts of the main characters are sometimes longer than they should. A minute turns into eternity.

I love it!
The realism of the drawings, the colors, the muscles of the titans are... PERFECT.
Oh!, and the characters have to use a ''Spider-man'' type of system to swing and fly through the forest and when the city is being under attack.


The opening song is really cool and has some great images.
The ending song is my favorite. Check them out!

Season 2 - News and updates:

It will happen in 2016 because there will be a movie released.
We'll have to wait another year... I hope it's worth the wait!
But there will be two movies for us to watch before the second season:
''Attack on Titan part 1: Crimson Bow and Arrow''


''Attack on Titan part 2: Wings of Freedom'', which will be shown on September 19.

I hope you enjoyed and thank you for your attention!



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