My movie adventure

Hello everyone!

So, to start with this, last week I went to the cinema with my closest friends (I love them) and I've seen a great movie, have to say.The Avengers: Age of Ultron *-*

Well, everything started well. We took a few pictures with baes, just kidding, I mean, we did it, but I wish I was able to meet all of the actors! xD

After that, we got into the movie theater and we watched it. I had the best 2h30 hours of my life. I think the excitement made my stomach stop working and I just had the worst pain ever. Why me? I was so happy xD

Well... It happens and my friends helped me came back to life and enjoy the rest of the day. The movie was great, the acting was fantastic, all the story matched my expectations and I recommend  it to everyone.You REALLY have to watch this movie, you'll love it!! I have to thank as well, to my dear friend/blogger Alex, that created this ''Avenger Fever'' rise again on me.  So, follow her blog, you will love it, she's great!!

Me, Alex and my other friens:



Her's Alex's link:


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