The future of design

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Hello everyone! How are you doing lately?

Is everything okay? 

This week's post is going to be a little bit different. I am going to talk about the future of graphic design. This is all based on some research and also my personal opinion, so if you don't agree with it, it's fine, we all have different visions of the world. 😋

Let's get started!

The main question here is: are you ready for the future? 
I'm not a design expert but I do love to see the different variations of the world we live in. 
These different variations that I'm talking about here definitely change our society and the rate and speed of that change makes your head turn. 
I will try to predict the future of graphic design by analyzing its evolution through the years: from the craziness to the slimmest technologies offered to us today.

1. Phones and TV's

When I was a kid, during the 90's and early 00's, I was used to see huge phones and not so elegant type of TV's. 
If you think about it, technology is evolving into much slimmer things, with a flatter design. The best example that I could find to explain this theory is to simply imagine yourself passing from a three-dimensional reality into a 2D one. 
All these changes are everywhere: in your phone, TV, computer, etc.


2. Logos

Have you ever thought about the evolution of logo designs?
After some research, 1960's logo designs will be replaced by more of a 15th century type of style. 
And here's why: At the time, in the 60's logos were inspired by a society of consumerism. Today's reality is not far away from that reality. We still fell attracted and have the urge to buy things just because we fell like we need to have them. And that's connected to the way designers do their work. 
But lat's get back to the future. I guess that in the future logos will change drastically to something more ancient. We'll see about that!

3. Movie posters

The movie posters from the 80's and 90's had a huge visual impact. Just like the vintage logos, the posters had the same purpose: to attract people. And let's get real, it's logic, right? You want to feel connected with the movie and that does the trick. But I guess in the future things will change. In my perspective, movie posters will be simpler, minimalist. 
That's a "trend" in our society at the moment. Simple things tend to attract people into them at this point in modern society. 
Blogs have minimalist templates and so do house decorations and even public places. So it's perfectly normal to think about the future as minimal. So say goodbye to posters like Titanic and Pixels and welcome a simpler style. 

Do you see the difference? 

4. Will text be necessary? 

Have you ever thought about Pinterest? Well, that brick-like, solid type of wall of images has become popular in website designs. It made me think that maybe we're getting into an era of post linguistic society. If design in general influences society, maybe there's a pattern. A world with less communication but with more aesthetically pleasing images. It makes sense if you see things this way: nowadays we use less words to express our feelings like sadness, happiness, joy, etc. And the alternative to that lack of verbal communication are gifs.
 Yes, those images that look like super short videos that make our day. Gifs are able to express what we are feeling and I personally use them all the time. That and memes. They pretty much do the same job and don't have lots of text, so I guess my theory is correct. I don't know exactly what the future holds, but I hope it's something good and full of cat gifs (admit that you love cats as well, they're cute!).

These are the most important points that I have thought about for this post. 
I hope you enjoy reading this!
Thank you so much for passing by. 

I'll see you on my next post! 


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