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Hello my beautiful people!
I hope you're having an amazing week so far.

A few days ago I was informed by about the Anthem Film Festival making an appearance in Vegas this month. With that being said, what I will do, is write about my passion for movies and film, and also give some tips and suggestions to the ones attending the festival.

First of all, I want to thank Vegas From The Inside for contacting me. I was not expecting such a thing and I will definitely enjoy writing this post!

Let's get started then!

My love for movies and film in general started way back when I was little. I've always been a dreamer and had tons of imagination. And when I started understanding things around me and have a different perception of the world, and see that it was possible to create a "parallel universe" with a story that most times doesn't correspond to reality, my world was changing bit by bit.

My parents and family in general share the same love and passion as I do for movies, which was a plus. I could spend hours talking about what I liked and didn't in a certain movie and having their feedback made me start having my own opinion on things in general.
So, when I started this blog, I was mainly doing anime reviews (which is another passion for me) and bit by bit, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try other things, such as doing movie reviews.
I watch a movie, I do some research about it and then I start thinking about the way I want to present the movie. I usually present the plot, and then I analyze the aspects that I think are interesting, such as the background, the actors, the makeup, the storyline, etc. And the final step is to write about it and be honest about it. I talk about the things I like the most first and then I point the flaws and things I didn't really like, if there's any.

To all of you attending their first film festival, don't worry, I have some suggestions for you! 

First you should organize your trip and plan your day properly. To plan your flight and find the best Las Vegas package deals use and start doing it. You can buy your tickets to the shows you want to attend and also search for the best flight and hotel. It's easy and will save you lots of time!

Also, festivals are a great way to network.
Don't avoid people, at all. Talk to audience members, festival organizers, volunteers, ...
Just keep an open mind and try to make as many professional contacts as possible. We never know what opportunities might come from that moment on.

Don't forget to make a follow up. What I mean by this, is that you need to make your network pay off after the festival. Try to take as many notes of the people you meet as possible. You can ask them their email address, and write some other type of important information: 

  • Who is this person? 
  • What do they do for a living? Is he a movie director? An actor? 
  • What type of conversation did you have? Was is strictly professional? 
  • Was this person a fan?

During Q&A's, try to be as graceful as possible.
If you're asking questions to someone, do your homework first. Try to search for important information that help you formulate your questions and also understand better the answer you'll be given.
Bring something to take notes: your phone, a piece of paper or even a camera, in case you want to record anything or even make a vlog. That's a fun way to remember that day or even post it on social media.

If you're the one being interviewed, try to be as enthusiastic as possible. Try not to feel stressed or disoriented.
Keep your cool and see that is an amazing opportunity to promote your movie and even to create some type of bonding with your audience. Explain them your work and try to be nice, natural and respect everyone's opinion.

With that being said, try to promote your work the best way possible. Talk to bloggers, to the local press and tell them you are available for interviews or even podcasts. That will definitely increase your audience.

I hope this post helps you in some way.
And also, have a great festival. Have a lot of fun and connect with others. Make friends, meet your fans and enjoy.

Thank you for reading and passing by!


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