It's my 2 year blog anniversary!

Hello guys! How are you?

I am super excited this week because it's my blog's second year!! Time flies!
Another year has passed and here we are. I just want to thank you for your support, your comments, suggestions, messages and even support in some time of need.
I really hope you like my content and that you relate somehow to what I write.

Honestly this year was a hell of a ride. I'm glad I made the right choices in some personal aspects of my life. I genuinely feel happy, I fell like I can be myself again without having someone destroying me completely inside. I'm free from that horror that consumed everything I had inside. I felt trapped inside my own mind. It might seem stupid for you to read this because you probably don't know what the hell happened, but believe me, I'm better now.

And thank you so much for making me happy as well. For real. I hope to have another year to share everything I like with you. 
That's the whole purpose of this blog. To have my small and personal corner on the internet and to share things that you enjoy. To make your day, just like you make mine.

I would also thank Alex Moreira for being an AMAZING friend. She has a huge heart and I love her as my sister, my best friend, my other half (because we share everything in our lives with each other).
I wish her all the best this world can give to her. 😘



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