A super talented digital artist: Sara Vida

Hello my lovely people!
You don't even imagine how excited I am to do this post.
I'll explain: one of my best friends is a super talented digital artist that loves what she does. I talked to her a few months ago about a possible post on the blog and she was as excited as I was o do this.
Whet I will do is present her work, who she is and what inspires her as an artist.
She made a text about her, but I want to talk a little bit about this awesome girl as well.
Here's a s,all explanation on how we met a few years ago:
We had mutual friends back then and at the time, we decided to go to a party all together. We talked for hours, had a drink and our friendship just blew.
I am super proud of her and I love her as a person and as a friend. She deserves everything the world has to offer her and I wish her great success and happiness.
She's also a friend of my dear friend Alex Moreira!
We're a great team. Three girls with big dreams. I love them both very much! ❤❤
Well guys, without further or do, here it is, the amazing work of Sara Vida! 👌

Hello! My name's Sara Vida.
I was born on October 24 at 00.30 so I do not know if I am a Libra or a Scorpio.
But what I do know, is that I love to draw since I was a little girl.
I began by painting the walls of my house in pencil, lipstick, paint, everything colored.
Later, I had to surrender to the role. I studied arts and I developed all the technique, the imagination I maintain it from always and every day.
I specialized in fashion design, although it was not what I really liked, I consider myself an outsider of girly-world. I have a special liking for drawing fictional characters or superheroes invented by me.
I love video games and I like a lot of good ones, and that's something that I try to conciliate and that inspires me so much in everything that I do.
And that's how a YouTuber contacted me to do his thumbnail artwork. Since that day t I've been betting on this area.
So... Just give me an idea and I'll do the sketch!

Sometimes she sends me the drawings she's working on. I decided to include this picture here so that you could see how she works, and creates her art.

Here are the links of her social media:


Please show her some love!
She's amazing and super talented!!

This is it, guys.
I hope you like this post and if you do, share it, like it and comment!
Take care and I'll see you next week!



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