Dealing with loss

Hello everyone.
I hope you are ok and happy.

This week I lost someone very close to me and very important as well.
I don't usually talk about my private life so openly but I really need to talk about it.
I need to express what I feel and my heart needs to let go all the pain that remains.
Dealing with death, for me, I'ts a horrible thing.
I know that life has a start, we all have a journey (a long or short one) and things will eventually come to an end. That's it. The only certain thing in this world is death.
Death is such a small word with such a strong meaning, right?
It can take a piece of you, it can shake your world and make you cry so hard that your eyes hurt.
I feel sad. Confused. A bit empty as well.
I don't know how to express this feeling, but it's really painful and real.
It's like when the worst nightmare you have turns into a real horror. 
It's a lonely thing.
I am a bit of a melancholic person when life decides to fuck with me and do this type of things, so I just start to listen to some songs that will help me take all the pain from my chest and I eventually feel a bit better for a moment.
A piece of me is gone forever, but I know deep down that that special someone will be fine, because this world is lonely and complicated.
The only thing that I want to say is that I will never forget the good memories, the laughs, the pain, the harsh comments, the smiles, the kind words and all of the things that make me grow up day by day.
This person will be always in my head and also in my heart. Forever.

Thank you for reading this. And if you are going through a hard time, I hope this helps you in a way.
Stay awesome, guys. 



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