Songs that still make me dream

Hello everyone!
I decided to show you some of the songs that still make me feel great or even ''dream'' in a certain way.
Why? I'm a huge music fan and I'm constantly listening to it. My dad gets upset sometimes because I'm doing something with my headphones and I just don't answer much (sorry dad).
But besides that, I've made a quick selection on some of the songs that I usually love to listen to.
I have to say that most of these songs made part of my childhood and that each and every one of them have a special meaning to me.
Feel free to comment and ask me something you want to know about this post and tell me what are your favorite songs as well!

Quick fact about me - I'm a metal and rock fan and some of my favorite bands (since I'm young) are:

Lacuna Coil
System Of a Down
Foo Fighters
Papa Roach
Marilyn Manson
Three Days Grace
Alice in Chains
Within Temptation
Among others!

Moving on to some of my top songs:

1 - Pink Floyd

 - Wish You Where Here

 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond

2 - Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven

3 - Queen 

- Bohemian Rhapsody 

 - We Are The Champions

- The Show Must Go On 

4 - Oasis

 - Wonderwall 
 - Champagne Supernova

5 - Lacuna Coil 

- The Last Goodbye 

  - One Cold Day
 - Oblivion 

  - Falling

6 - Foo Fighters 

- My Hero 

 - Everlong

7 - Nirvana 

- Heart-Shaped Box

- Where Did You Sleep Last Night 

The list goes on and on, trust me.
But I've put some of the ones that I truly love.

Oh, I want to ask my friend Alex if she wants to do a post like this one because she's a huge fan of music as well!

And as usual I want to thank you all for the support and for taking a bit of your time to read my posts.
I'll see you on my next post!



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