Cosplay I would love to do some day! - Part 2!

Hello everyone!
How are you all?
I'm sorry for not posting as much as I want to, but I've been quite busy these days.
But I decided to take a break and write something for all of you.

In September I wrote a post about cosplay that I would love to do some day and I thought (at the time) that it would be cool to continue my wish list and share it.

So, if you feel curious about my first post, I'll put it here so that you can read it as well.
Another thing: I've made reviews about every character from this post. Feel free to read, comment and share them if you like it!

Let's start this!

1- From the anime Elfen Lied, I would like to cosplay as Lucy/Nyu!
She's awesome and has a lot of power.
There are two versions of this character: the ''good'' and the ''bad''.

Original character: 


2 - From Blood C, Saya Kisagari is the main character of this anime and she's awesome.
Oh, and we have glasses, so that's a positive point!

Original character:


3 - From Another, I would like to cosplay as Misaki Mei!!
She is amazing, mysterious, sweet... I love her character.

Original character:


4 - From Ga-Rei Zero I have two characters that I love.
Yomi and Kagura are the main characters from this anime and as I said in my review about this, I simply love the story of both of them.

Original characters:




*I do not own any of the images displayed in here*

As usual, I leave you here an amazing video of Momocon (2015).
They always have super crazy, super talented cosplayers and amazing videos.
Have fun!!

Well guys, this is it for this post!
If you like cosplay, and if you want a third post about this subject, please tell me in the comments bellow!!
If you have ever done any type of cosplay from your favorite characters, tell me as well!

Thank you so much for everything and for your support!!
See you soon!



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