3 Week Anime Challenge - Part 2!

Hello guys!
How are you this week?

This week will be another one dedicated to my ''Anime Challenge''! 
Let's start the second part!!

11 - Favorite mech series:

This is not my favorite type of series, but I really like Full Metal Panic!

12 - The anime you've rewatched the most:

Elfen Lied! And I cry every time I re-watch it.

13 - Most epic or shocking anime scene EVER:

I have so many scenes that I like... I mean in Elfen Lied, *spoiler alert* - the scene when Lucy sees a dog being killed and then turns the room where she was into a blood river!
Good one Lucy, always love animals <3

14 - Subs or dubs?

Subs! I love to hear Japanese and the original anime voices are my favorite thing.

15 - Anime you want to see but haven't yet:

Though one... I have a list of this! 

Probably Akame Ga Kill and Kuokai No Kanata.

16 - Favorite attack someone used in a anime:

Probably the ones used by Sasori, Hidan and Yahiko (from Naruto).

17 - Favorite weapon or gear from an anime:

Ryuko Matoi's sword!!

18 - What anime has your heart?

Kill la Kill got me good.

19 - A picture of any anime character in a swimsuit:

20 - Favorite anime of characters attending high school:

Akuma No Riddle for sure!!!!!

Well guys, thank you so much for your time and attention!
Next week I'll post my last part of the Anime Challenge!
I hope you like this post, for real.
Love you all <3



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