Anime Review - High School of the Dead (Gakuen Mokushiroku)

"But our world as we knew it had already been completely destroyed."

Hello everyone! 

So, today I bring you another anime, but this one is not recommended to kids or anything like that because it has some nudity and some weird scenes.
So, this anime since it was released in 2010 it has been a target of controversy and has splited everyone's opinion about it.
But, I would like to give my opinion about it anyway.
This series, has I said, was released in 2010 and has 12 shows with 24 minutes per episode.

So, let's start this, shall we?


The world is turned upside down when a weird desiease strarts spreading and leads to the death and rate of humanity.
This is caused by zombies that are called "Them" by the protagonists of the story.
In Japan, Fujimi High School is attacked by a guy that looks a litle bit weird at first and then, the killing spree starts afther the president of the school gets bitten on.
In the meantime, a small group of students attempts to survive that horrorible apocalipse.

The story is initially narrated through Takashi Komuro, one of the students who had survived in the initial "outbreak".


The artwork, in my opinion, is actually well made!
Between boobs, ass and stuff is quite cool because it has a lot of detail and the zombies look amazing.
If you have never seen this anime before, I advise you to be prepared to see a lot of body parts falling, a lot of weird camera angles and some bullets passing through weird places to shoot the zombies.
You will laugh your ass of.


The OP song is really cool!
It has tones of energy and it fits the anime perfectly.
The name of the song is  Highschool of the Dead OP Single - HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD.
It is from  Kishida Kyoudan & The Myoujou Rocket.

The final song is amazing and it's my favorite song!
I love the vocals and the rythm of it.
The song is called Kimi to Taiyou ga Shinda Hi and it is from Kurosaki Maon.

My opinion:

Well, I have to say that I really liked this series.
It has some parts that are a bit stupid because the characters are too predictable and I didn't like it.
BUT, you will never get bored when you watch this. It has a lot of action and some cool scenes in it.
The boobs and such things as those are normal, because this anime is ecchi and what else can you expect from it?
Unfortunatly, it doesn't have a second season, but I'm sure that if you watch this with an open mind and some sense of humor, you'll like it!
Overall, I recommend it, eventough the violence is very present it it because it has zombies in it!
I'm a fan of horror stuff, so, I loved this part of the anime.


Thank you so much for your attention and I'll see you on my next post!



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