Anime Review - Ergo Proxy

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"I tried to become an ideal citizen… I killed my own personality, and tried so hard to become one… anytime, anywhere."

Hello everyone! 
I've been super busy these days and today I found time to finally write something cool to you!
I've done a super long (car) trip with my family and it took 24 hours to arrive at France, at my mom's house.
Well, I think I'm going to stay here up until september and have some fun :D

Notes: This anime is from 2006 and has 23 episodes with 25 minutes each.

So, let's start this review, okay?


In a post-apocalyptic future, humans live in peace with robots in a weird and obscure city.
All the atmosphere of that place is dark and not happy at all.
However, a strange series of murders have intruded into the bored inspector Re-l Mayer’s life.

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Well, I like the darkness of this series. It's really cool to have an anime as different as this one.
It's visually appealing and has a lot of two dimensional scenes and a lot of computer help to create the perfect image.
So, it's perfectly made, in my opinion.

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So, the opening song is called Kiri and it's from Monoral.
It's calm and I like to heart it. It's not the typical anime song that you expect and that makes a huge difference in the ambiance of the series.
Her's the link for the first song:

The final song is from Radiohead and it's called Paranoid Android.
It's my favorite song! I love it because it has a cool vibe, trust me.
Her's the link for the end song:

My opinion:

Well, when you read the plot of the series you think about that cliché: Oh, it's another android vs human type of thing.
It's not. It is a very complete, philosofical and different approach about life and you just forget about the world you originaly live in. I have to say that this anime is very good and very interesting to watch.
You'll get confused at some poin and the plots will look like something you don't expect to happen.
The end of this serie wimll let you say something like: What the real fuck?? and some people thought that it was a confusing and stupid ending... 
Well, I thought it was a clever narrative that will make you think.
You should watch it and give it a try for sure!


Thank you so much for your attention and I'll see you on my next post!



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