Anime Drawings - My sister does them!

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry for being absent these days, but in the region my mom lives, sometimes ther's no internet connection and so, I had to stay without it for three days.
Plus, yesterday I wasn't feeling okay so I decided to post today.

And decided to bring another topic to this blog!
And why?
Recently my litle sister Barbara got into one of the best art schools in France and to celebrate this huge thing (I'm so proud of her) I will show and talk about her work.
She's 16 years old and she has a lot of talent. She likes to draw since ever.
One of her dreams is to be a tattoo artist, how cool is that? :)
She is super cool, she loves piercings, tattoos, to play guittar and metal, just like me.
We get along pretty well and we both LOVE anime!

Let me show you her work, then!

This is Kimimaru from Naruto. My sister uses a normal pensil with a black marker and a blue and read crayon. 
According to her, she doesn't need any special or professional equipement to do her drawings.

 Yahiko from Naruto (Pain or Pein version). She used a normal black pencil with a black marker and a violet crayon to do the contour of the eyes.

Gaara from Naruto. She used a black pencil and a black, red and blue marker to do the eyes and the mark he has in his forehead. 

Ulquiorra from Bleach. She used black, green, light-green marker and a normal pencil to do the shadows of the drawing.

This is a random image she saw online and wanted to draw it. In this one she used a charcoal pencil and a brush to do the lightings.


This is Obito from Naruto or Tobi, as you wish. She used a charcoal pencil with a red and blue crayon. And also a black marker and to finish it, she used a brush. 

And finally, another Yahiko (in Pein or Pain version). 
For this one, she only used a charcoal pencil, a black marker and a brush to finish it.

I hope you liked this post and I will leave here her email account for you to talk to her or simply ask her something:

Well, I'll try to put up another post this week about Kill la Kill!

See you soon and thank you so much for your attention!



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