If you had SUPERPOWERS!!

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Hello everyone!

So, while I was at the bus today I had this idea of talking about the possibility of having superpowers.
Pretty cool, right?
Buuuuuut, instead of having it only for a day, I mean, a day ONLY has 24 hours, right?
Impossible, I have to extend my limit.
I thought that having them for a month would be cool!
We could have so much fun, he he he!

-> Hey, have fun with this ''What is your superpower'' quiz!! <-http://www.gotoquiz.com/what_is_your_super_power_1

And here is the list of superpowers I would love to have:
But then, I want to know YOUR favorite superpower !!

1. Being able to fly - Yes, It's a dream of mine since I'm a little kid. I took this dream so seriously that I simply threw myself down the stairs while I had a kids swim buoy and I did it.
Result: I bled so much from my mouth... Jesus help me xD

2. Being invisible - Why is that? Because I would probably be a creep, that's all. Muahahahah (just kidding!! :3) I just would loooove to be invisible in some awkward situations.

3. Being able to read minds - This is a good one. I would love to have this superpower! I could read all those strange things that a lot of people think like: ''That guy's hot'' or ''I just farted, what now??''.
It's reality people, it is.
Oh! And this one got me while I was watching the Avengers movie this year.
I couldn't help it, I simply loved this one!

4. Being able to teleport myself - I would travel everywhere!! From a place to another without spending money. Perfect.
You know what? I wish!!
Buuuut... back to reality. It's not possible... for now :D

With all of this, thinkthink again about a super awesome power that you could have.
What would it be??

I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for your attention.

(Image source: Tumblr)


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