Fear and... my bathroom

Just a quick update about what happened 2 hours ago:

I entered the bathroom and I had the vision of hell. I just saw a spider swinging like crazy near the toilet. I just panicked not physically, but I mean, my brain was in a struggle. I hate killing animals, but I had that mutant just there and I had to make a decision.Me or the spidey!! There's no time, It looked like she was dancing and I just grabbed a HUGE piece of paper and  did it. Simple, I killed the spidey-spoo. I have a huge spider/everything that looks like them type of phobia. But my brain said to me: no more mutants, hehehe. I'm sorry, but I couldn't let her stay there laughing and dancing.

My final thoughts on this are: I used almost a toilet paper roll to make my brain happy.




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