Could you create an anime?

Hello everyone!

Today I have a question directed to you.
So, I thought about this topic for a while and I have a lot of friends and also my younger sister that are anime and manga lovers, just like me.
And with all that, I noticed that we all have a different taste when it comes to anime, to be more specific.

Some of them like the romantic type, others (me included) like action/gore/superpower type, others like animes related to music, sports, etc.
And what if YOU had the chance to create a story and mix all of the ideas you have about a PERFECT anime?

You could create a super funny story with a romantic side and in the end, give it a dark twist.
Why not? It's your imagination! :D
And what about create some super gore scenes mixed with music? It gives a super cool twist, trust me.
Music usually is the best effect ever, in my opinion.

Think about this and give a push to your imagination.
Create something amazing and do it like me. I don't know how to draw, so I basically make some awesome stick-man figures when I'm in the mood to do it.
It's not a piece of art, but I like it!
What would you create if you had this chance??

Thank you for your attention and I'll see you soon!

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