College, myself and my (strange) future

Hello everyone!

I haven't said this before but I'm a college student and I'm actually at the same class as Alex.

We're both finishing our 2nd year and as she said, we're scared.
I want to fulfill my dreams, start a career and eventually, as a Language student, go to another country and have my life there.
I want to do all of that, I want to be and feel happy about my life and specially, about MYSELF.
We have to like ourselves first and than, we can think about the future.
It's not easy, I mean, college and people are not easy.
The pressure, the mean colleagues and the fact that you want to be the best in what you do, just don't make things easy.
I have a great group of friends, really.
They're great, nice, funny, LOYAL and mostly... true friends.
Believe me guys, we need to have someone or something, besides our family (I respect that part of my life because in a way, it's sacred) to give us some support and to help us move forward.
But the great and positive thing about this, is that  we grow up.
We do, actually.
The only thing I can say for sure is that you have to believe in what you can do and you will do it.
Think about this.
I'll try to post something tomorrow about some type of mutant spider or what ever happens and I'll keep you updated.
Let's face another day, people!




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