Anime Review - Sankarea

''If my own happiness will lead the misfortune of others then being unhappy is probably the wisest choice.''

Hello everyone!

I will tell you what I think about this anime: Sankarea

I saw it probably two years ago and I loved it. And yes, as a sentimental person, I cried in the end.
It's the sweetest and simple story ever.

Simple explanation of the plot: 

The story involves Zombies, a boy that is completely obsessed with them, an innocent girl that isn't happy at all and... a complete mad dad that controls her life to the maximum and one day, she finds a boy that will help her reach some happiness, but in a weird way.
Will she become a zombie and finally find her true hapiness?

Visual effects:

I loved the visual aesthetic of the animation and the fact that they mixed two different types of personalities. The two main characters simply complete each other.



The OP song is super cute and matches the anime. The video of the song shows all the characters and we can see a little how the anime is going to be.

OP song: 

The ending song is also cool and I like the style of it. It's calm and sweet. Is by far my favorite song of the anime!!
Ending song: 

My opinion:
This is a great series to watch. It has a really cool concept and it has a different type of story.
It is a shame that the second season didn't exist because I would totally see it.
Well, give it a try and have some fun with it! 
And I advise you to read the manga to know what happens at the end, because you don't know through the anime.


I hope you enjoy this review and thank you once again for your time!




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