A letter to my younger self

Hello everyone!

I decided to write something to my younger self because I think it's important to analyse who we used to be in the past.
I hope you enjoy it.
Do this to yourself as well, it is a great experience!

So, here it is:

I'm ''you'' now with 20 years old and almost finishing college.
You always wanted to go to college and you did it, congrats.
You're only 5 and a small and fragile creature.
I know you are just a child and the world is a very complicated place to be and survive.
People are cruel and they will always be... So, just make a difference and continue not to be like them.
Don't be afraid of commitment, or to follow and fight for what's right.
Don't worry and don't be so sad with what's going on at this time of your life because all of this is going to let you become a stronger woman and immune to the adult world.
You'll learn some valuable lessons, you'll be disappointed, you'll cry for reasons that now are not as important as you thought. Because we need to put a lot of things in a small box and push them away.
Life will have some great moments, you will meet some great people and others that are the opposite of that.
It will always be like this, but you need to learn how to be yourself.
Hey kid, enjoy life as much as you can. Because everything is too short to waste with stupid things.
Try to be happy and to keep your good heart.

I'll write you in a few years to talk to the 20 year old Adriana.
See you one day.



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