Where have I been?

Hello guys! I hope you're all doing amazing lately.

I want to share with you what's been going on in my life for the past two weeks, that's why I've been a bit absent.
For the ones that don't know, I am currently living in France. I have a job (yeeey!) and I've been a little bit busy lately.
I work at a Tour Desk in a city called Arc et Senans. It's a cool place to work, honestly. I boss and my co-worker are super nice and help me a lot in here.
As a Portuguese girl living in France for the past two months, it's not an easy task to know the all the region where you work. I have to study and do some type of itineraries to know what they have to offer here. I do that during the day, I talk to clients and I have some administrative tasks to do as well.
Last week I had the opportunity to visit a beautiful place called "Saline Royale". It's a huge museum just around the corner of my workplace and at least for me, it was an amazing experience.

I will leave you here a brief explanation of the Royal Saltworks:

"The Saline Royale (Royal Saltworks) is a historical building at Arc-et-Senans in the department of Doubs, eastern France. It is next to the Forest of Chaux and about 35 kilometres from Besançon. The architect was Claude-Nicolas Ledoux (1736–1806), a prominent Parisian architect of the time. The work is an important example of an early Enlightenment project in which the architect based his design on a philosophy that favored arranging buildings according to a rational geometry and a hierarchical relation between the parts of the project.
The Institute Claude-Nicolas Ledoux has taken on the task of conservator and is managing the site as a monument. UNESCO added the "Salines Royales" to its List of World Heritage Sites in 1982."

I have to say that this day was amazing. I love architecture and history and I had an amazing guide that explained everything with a lot of detail.
The part that I liked the most was the exposition of Ledoux's work. That was phenomenal.
He was a superb genius with innovative ideas that were forgotten in time. He died in the 18th century and his work was discovered by some philosophers in the 20th century (I guess it was like this).
I will leave some photos of his work in this post.
And by the way, if you want to visit France and meet me in person, I will leave the link of my workplace as well so that you can check out this place and have some fun.

Click here to know more!

Ledoux's work:

The Royal Saltwork's building.

This was a cemetery for people that have been cremated. The round part was envisioned to be a place for the spirits of the dead.

That's it for this week guys!
I hope you like this post and feel free to tell me what you think in the comments bellow!
Have an amazing week!



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