American Horror Story - Season 6: Roanoke (Is that the end?)

Hello everyone!
How are you? I hope you're doing just fine.
Well, I just ended the sixth season of American Horror Story and I have to say that I liked it, but the last episode needed something more.

Let's start this, shall we?

For the ones that haven't seen the show, I just want to say that I'm trying not to give much spoilers, but this season is complicated to explain without that.

I'm sorry for that, but I really want to give a more complete review.


Presented as a paranormal documentary series titled My Roanoke Nightmare, the story follows a married couple whose experiences are reenacted by actors. Shelby and Matt Miller move from Los AngelesCalifornia, to a house in North Carolina following a brutal assault which left Matt temporarily hospitalized and caused Shelby to have a miscarriage. As soon as the couple settles into their new home, strange and paranormal occurrences begin to haunt them.

So, with this last season, the AHS producers wanted to give all the gore fans, what they like: a lot of blood, jump scares and ghosts.
With all of this being said, the series starts with a typical married couple that want to start a new life and be happy.

So far, so good. But the thing is that as episodes go along, things get creepy and you don't really understand what's going on.

This might contain some spoilers. If you don't want to know them, please don't continue to read this review.

The first episode was presented as being a part true-crime series called My Roanoke Nightmare, with Shelby and Matt. They speak directly into a camera and explain their life before becoming the owners of a farmhouse located deeply into the woods.
At first, after the fist attacks, they thought they occurred because of racism, like the work of some of their neighbors.
Some strange things happened like Shelby's attempt of drowning or a rain of teeth directly from the sky.

We follow the life of this couple through the episodes and yes, suddenly, everything falls apart.
The show ends up being connected to season 2, because an important character appears right at the end and also, there's a connection with Murder House and with season 3, Coven.
For the one's that have seen all seasons, like me, will understand that some things are related to other seasons of AHS and some of the themes presented previously will be shown again in this last season.
Some thins are not well explained  in this series, I mean, there are some loose ends. 
Some parts of the story are not developed the way I expected to be.
The Polk family was some of the most disturbing things I've ever seen. Without getting into much detail, they we're weird, filthy and disgusting, but they had a connection with the Butcher.

Well, to end this, one of the other surprises that the producer of the series, Murphy, had for us, was the Lady Gaga character. And that woman i
s the actual first Supreme.                         
Lady Gaga plays a mysterious 16th-century wood witch who has enough power to possess other characters and do some other stuff.
But!, Murphy's latest revelation doesn't match with season 3, Coven.
And why is that? 
We were told that the witches were descendants of Salem, but the character played by Gaga is much older than that. 
Well, that's not a down type of fact for me, to be honest. It's just a detail.

Should you watch it?

Yes, I think you should. I can't say that this season was horrible,because for me, it wasn't.

It had some weird episodes, but hey, it's American Horror Story, guys!
In my opinion, I really like the new direction that was given to this series. It has a lot of blood, guts and it's perfect for the ones that like this.
And Sarah Paulson is simply one of my favorite actresses and she has an AMAZING performance in this season. Very captivating with a killer performance.

So, have you seen this? What's your opinion? Do you agree with my review?

Tell me in the comments bellow!

Thanks for your time and attention!

I'll see you on my next post!




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