Anime Review - Ga-Rei Zero


"Will you kill someone you love because of love?"

Hello everyone!

So, today, I'm going to make a review on a very special anime for me.
And why is that?
Well, this is a story about ''love'', but a different type of love.
The love you feel for someone you consider as a sister or even a brother.
I personally can't live without my sister because she's a great girl, we are very similar and as we live far away from each other (she's in France and I'm in Portugal) every time I have the chance to be with her, it's a blast.
So, let's do this!

How do I define this anime? 
  • It has action, romance, comedy, drama, supernatural situations, emotional scenes... And yes, you'll cry and I really advice you to give it a try and watch this anime.

In Japan, the Ministry of Defense has an anti-paranormal special force group:
'' Supernatural Disaster Prevention Office''
So, they are the ones responsible to protect Japan's soil and everyone that lives in it from creepy paranormal events.
But, in one of their missions, things don't go as planed...


My opinion about the anime:

As soon as you read the plot, you think about ''demon hunting'' and probably nothing else.
Well, It's not about that, in the end.
It is a story about the fragile little thing called ''friendship'' and what can happen to it when that special thing betrays oneself. So, yeah, that's all about this beautiful story.
  • So, this story is the prequel to the actual story in Ga-Rei (manga). I advice you to read the manga as well to understand this better.
The artwork is amazing, but in some scenes it actually needed a lithe bit more of work to make it even more powerful.
The characters are super well developed and I personally think that this anime has a lot of potential.
I fell in love with it as soon as I knew what was the message of the story.

It has a powerful soundtrack that matches the anime and gives power to it.
The ending song is my favorite. It's beautiful, trust me.

I'm going to leave here the links to the songs:

*The trailer is not in Japanese, I'm sorry*

But enjoy it and please, watch the anime!! It's fantastic!!!

Thank you so much for your attention!



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